May 10, 2010

Bright Falls, Episode 3 - "Lights Out"

"Bright Falls," the prequel to the psychological-action-thriller Alan Wake continues to notch up the weird-factor nob.  If you haven't watched the first two episodes, click to this post or scroll below.  The town of Bright Falls is ... well, let's just say somethin' ain't right there.  Along the lines of ironically named places like television's Happy Town or BioShock's Rapture, Bright Falls boasts a misleading sense of security of small town living with big secrets.  Deer, diners and motels ... nothing is as it seems.

The game comes out in just over a week and I'm hoping my local GameStop will have a midnight release (I mean they have to with a handful of major games releasing that Tuesday:  Alan Wake, Red Dead Redemption, Split/Second, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands and, um, Trauma Team).  Watch the videos and get psyched for an engaging, story-centered game!

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