February 27, 2010

Halo: Reach - Wha?

Read this.

Bungie is one of the masters of teasing.

I wanna know!!!

February 26, 2010

Omnibus - BioShock 2

BioShock 2 has come and, thankfully, not gone.  I'm in the middle of my second playthrough (on Hard, and man, is it ever!) and I have to admit that I'm enjoying the ride much more this go 'round.  I've been doing a lot of thinking about this second coming and my criticisms with the story are less now, though my quibbles with the tech (bad texture pop-in, terrible lip-synching, etc.) are still true.  I have a couple of articles to thank (present after the jump) from people who are much savvier with words and philosophy than I am, so, thank you Leigh Alexander and Charles Onyett, for giving me better reasons to enjoy BioShock 2's narrative.

*I should thank IGN as a whole because most of the links on the next page come from there.*

Along with a few well-written takes on comparing our beloved BioShocks' narrative nature is the announcement of DLC!  Not only will it be the commonplace multiplayer related content, but also extensions to the single player campaign!

Click below for those bits and bobs and a couple of extra goodies!  But beware ... spoilers are around if you follow the links (not in the post itself!), so be extremely cautious if you haven't finished the game yet!

February 25, 2010

Why We Play Games, "to Scratch a Particular Itch"

Scanning my Kotaku Google Reader subscription, I found that Leigh Alexander has written a great psychoanalytic-type of article entitled "Why We Play Games, and Why We Grumble About Them."  Not necessarily based on in depth scientific research, the categories of players she presents are pretty dead on; at least they make sense to me.  Most gamers can fall under four reasons why they partake in pixelated playing:

To feel powerful
To have control
To break rules
To explore a story

Of course, there are mixtures.  I, for one, see myself within the breaking rules and story sorts.  But I also love fine tuning and leveling up in Final Fantasy or even Call of Duty, and feeling powerful as Master Chief is just plain fun.

I'm sure the cat prefers storytelling.

Read the article to see where you fall, and even learn why certain annoyances in your favorite games hack you off just a tad.  Tell me in which one(s) you find yourself!

February 24, 2010

Omnibus - L.A. Noire

In returning to sharing my favorite news articles, I am putting up a series of omnibus posts compiling some awesome and relevant information reported in the past coupla weeks pertaining to some big games (i.e. my favorites!).

We begin with my newest entry into the fold, L.A. Noire.

Click below to find some links about how cool the game is going to be, as well as some new screenshots!

February 19, 2010

Site Updates and L.A. Noire a Winner to Me!

Lack of entries, I know.  I guess I forgot what it was like to dive into a game until BioShock 2 came out last week.  All of my time and energy tends to get very focused, as the morning after I finished the game I began my review.  I hope you liked it, if you read it.  I steer clear of spoilers so don't be worried; however, it is my opinion so if you want to tackle the game without any bias it's up to you.

Anyhoo, I'm doing what I can to get back on track with sharing news articles that shimmer like any good pick-up item.  However, with Aliens vs. Predator in my disc tray currently, I'm in another mode of finishing a game and looking forward to writing a review.  And a lot of stuff has been announced/revealed, so have no fear that I haven't been reading up, because I have.  The JASON 3:60 brand of Xbox 360 news reporting will be back in full swing hopefully by next week.

And Breaking News!  I have now mentally concluded that L. A. Noire is going to be a very important game this year, making it one of my officially anticipated and important titles by adding the appropriate button and banner to Noire news articles.  I read my copy of GameInformer and it sounds very, very good and not just GTA in the 1940s.  Thank the Lord.

Keep sticking around for the latest stuff that excites me!

February 16, 2010

Review - BioShock 2 - Rapture Needs a Bit More Polish to Shine Again

Did you ever see Jurassic Park III?

I fell in love with the first Jurassic Park.  I had seen a couple of Steven Spielberg movies before then, but JP solidified him as my favorite director (and introduced me to the tech-thrillers of Michael Crichton).  I went back five more times.  The technology, the environment and setting, the characters and dinosaurs were unmatched at the time and set the bar pretty dang high.  Then came The Lost World.  I enjoyed it, actually, maybe because I brought my rose colored glasses with me, and it was also my first date.  But I loved the first one so much that I was ready to devour any continuation of the story and to see those Velociraptors again.  I liked it, not as much as the first, but I liked it.

Then came Jurassic Park III.

The happenings of III do nothing to further the story, but serve as a flimsy reason to A.) show a couple of new dinosaurs, B.) give some usually decent actors a paycheck, and C.) I don't know, probably some other shallow reason.  Sure, Dr. Alan Grant needs money, that's what brought him to the Park in the first film, but that's really all we get from III; no deep character development and nothing new about Jurassic Park (save for the kind of awesome Spinosaurus, but who ends up being a bigger T-Rex from the first film that we don't root for.  Oh, and Velociraptors have feathers and communicate with trills.  Big deal.).  To me, III is simply a more action-oriented film with the Jurassic Park moniker.  Did we really need to go back to Isla Sorna/Nublar for this?  However, after two viewings of it (because I had to have the trilogy, of course), I enjoy it more now because it's like a "rainy day" movie:  it's pretty simple, kind of fun, and still has awesome dinosaurs.

In some ways, this is how I feel about BioShock 2.  After finally finishing the single-player campaign, I felt a little disappointed.  In retrospect, the whole package seems a bit ... off.  It has BioShock in the title, Splicers, Sisters, Daddies, and even Andrew Ryan still has a presence, sure, and it's a fun ride.  But did we really need to return to Rapture?

Read on to see if BioShock 2 should be saved ... or harvested.

February 8, 2010

JASON 3:60 Will Be Resurfacing Once I Leave Rapture

9 hours to go!

I wish I had employees or something to keep the news coming, but playing through BioShock 2 is going to take some time, especially if I want to write a review.  I finished playing through the first one to get ready for the sequel; and boy am I ready!

I'll be back soon, with a review and run downs of the news that is exciting me in the gaming world.

In the meantime, if you're not playing it, too, check out the reviews ... so far pretty good!

February 5, 2010

Fix Your Venetian Blinds - Rockstar is Bringing the Noir

Film noir is a film style closely associated with 1930s/1940s/B&W detective stories, or stories about gritty underbellies and lifestyles; and a common visual motif was the use of venetian blinds, so there, that's how the title works.  :D

Until yesterday I had never even heard of L.A. Noire.  I think it was announced in 2006?  But apparently, GameInformer and the rest of the video game world knew about it and the fact that at one time it was a PS3 exclusive and now it's also on 360, because it's gracing GI's next cover.

I have to say that this totally piques my interest.  I studied a little film noir in college and murder mysteries are some of my all time favorites in storytelling.  The official website says this:
Rockstar Games is pleased to announce a partnership with Team Bondi Pty Ltd to publish the ground-breaking next generation crime thriller L.A. Noire. Developed by Team Bondi, a new Australian based studio founded by Brendan McNamara, of The Getaway, L.A Noire is an interactive detective story set in the classic noir period of the late 1940's.

L.A. Noire blends action, detection and complex storytelling and draws players into an open-ended challenge to solve a series of gruesome murders. Set in a perfectly recreated Los Angeles before freeways, with a post-war backdrop of corruption, drugs and jazz, L.A. Noire will truly blend cinema and gaming.

A big but for me is Rockstar's involvement, the company infamously known for Grand Theft Auto.  We could be quick to assume that the game will include some rough violence and sexual situations, but we don't know; but if it's just GTA in 1940s Los Angeles then I might shy away.  But the prospect of a murder mystery is very enticing, so I'll have to wait and read my magazine's article when it comes in.  Until then, my hopes are high as this could become one of my newest anticipated games!

Watch the stylish trailer below and tell me what you think.

Reviews Are In! BioShock 2 Receives a 9.1 from IGN

Surprise, surprise!  I didn't think a review for our beloved BioShock 2 would come out til Monday at the earliest!  I was searching for images through IGN and happened to see a review score posted next to the game, blinked my eyes furiously (because I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night and I could really still be asleep), and became very happy at the sight of such a high number when I realized I was truly awake.


Both IGN US and IGN UK have reviews posted (giving the same score), praising and critiquing the game in slightly different ways, one focusing more on the narrative and the underlying concepts the story raises, the other drawing more from its FPS mechanics and gameplay.  Both reviewers offer a thorough examination of the game's entire components, however, and are both very well written.  And some of the worries about multiplayer have been allayed, thank goodness.  There are a few minor plot spoilers (arrgh! But no twist details or anything), so read thoughtfully.

IGN US:  "Some of the sense of awe and mystery is lost in transition, but the strength of the setting and more interesting implementation of moral choice make for an experience that's more consistent and rewarding."

IGN UK:  "Familiarity breeds a little contempt, but as, simply, a game in which you shoot monsters in city under the sea, it's better in every respect."

Click the links above or watch the IGN US video review embedded after the jump.

And just to let y'all know (however many "y'all" represents), I'm anticipating writing my own review of sorts, so I hope you read it.  I probably won't even post anything for a couple of days beginning this Tuesday until I can finish the game and devote enough time to do it justice.

NECA Brings Rapture Two-Steps Closer to Real Life

Via Kotaku, extraordinary sculpting company NECA has crafted "two brand new, game-accurate props born out of the surreal world of BioShock 2," the baseball-head Big Daddy (from the teaser and launch trailers), and a replica EVE Hypo.  Both retail for around $20.

Glancing through their stock of figures, they're pretty stinking amazing.  BioShock 2 creations aren't limited to these new mentions.  Check them out on Amazon for other Big Daddies and Sisters.

Back in the day, I would have been all over having one of these.  It's still tempting ... someday when/if I have a den or home office they might find their way into it.  I'd fill it with those, these, and some of these.

*surfing through the pages again* Man, it's still tempting ...

February 4, 2010

The Post-Apocalyptic Genre Continues with Fallout: New Vegas

I don't remember now when the first details emerged concerning Fallout: New Vegas.  I guess I could look it up ... but I donwanna.  No matter, because today I know that we were given a better glimpse into this new title.  And if the Fallout games are any sort of prophetic ... I better start to like 1950s music.

If you haven't played Fallout 3 or any of the previous two 'outs, then you're missing quite an experience.  I've only gotten my hands on 3 and I highly recommend it, that is, if you have the time.  Games by Bethesda are huge (though Obsidian is at the helm, with Bethesda involved).  Fallout 3 and Oblivion are fantastic in gameplay and wide in scope.  In fact, the "choice" element that BioShock touts doesn't even compare to the effect your choices in these games leave.  I played through BioShock a second time harvesting all the Little Sisters; initially jarring, but quickly "just a thing."  I actually felt a loss when some friendly and helpful townsperson died in the outskirt towns around Washington D.C.  I found Dogmeat and felt like I let him down when I couldn't protect him against giant scorpions.  You can blow up an entire town!  They're RPGs, sure, but the level of choice and making "however you want to play it" far surpasses anything outside of reality.

*Stepping off soapbox* Sorry.  Fallout: New Vegas.  It looks good.  Teaser trailer.  IGN analyzes it.  After the jump.

It's Your Choice ... to Read More BioShock 2 Information

I feel a tad inundated by the influx of BioShock 2 details, but part of me feels a call to share a lot of it.  However, like in the games themselves, choice is a central component in what you read, or don't read.  I only offer the option.  To illustrate, I happen to not read a good portion of the news about BioShock 2 because I want to learn pretty much everything first hand.  Multiplayer dealies I can handle, but anything about the campaign, keep it away from me!  And if you're like me, you'll want to click away (read up about the Aliens vs. Predator multiplayer demo and my first reaction if you want.).  For everyone else, feel free to continue by clicking below!  I haven't read/watched any of them, so ... sorry if it's no good!

The Cult of Rapture's Final Q&A Leaves a Lot to Be Desired

BioShock 2 site The Cult of Rapture has posted it's last Question & Answer session, and the answers seem odd.  Not all of them, but a few.

I'm not worried about the game, but when promoters don't answer a question directly, it gives me a slight pause.  Case in point:
How many different kinds of splicers are there?
You’ll encounter some familiar Splicer faces from the first game and see what 10 years of ADAM abuse has done to them. There are also new Splicers like the Brute that are new and much tougher opponents.
How many different Splicers will there be in BioShock 2?  From the answer above, anywhere from 1 to infinity.  I realize they don't want to give anything away (and I don't want them to, either), but a ballpark figure shouldn't divulge red herrings or twists in the plot ... unless it does ... somehow ...

Will there be an optional way of knowing how many audio logs you have (apart from counting the ones youve gotten)?
I don’t believe so, sorry. I think the requirements for the “Historian” achievement/trophy are a bit less stringent in BioShock 2, so hopefully it’s not as much of a worry.
My interpretation is that the audio log achievement in this sequel will be like "Collect 90% of the audio logs."  Well, I guess there's no point in trying to go all the way and seeing something to the end.  Personally, I think it's more of an ACHIEVEMENT to find all ofsomethingbutwhatever ... I'm just guessing.  Does this also discourage exploration, one of my favorite things to do in the original?  I could be (hopefully) wrong.

Numero trois:
What is that diving knife-looking thing on Delta's belt?
It’s a diving knife. It was in Delta’s original concept art, and made it into the model. I hope I’m not spoiling anything by saying it doesn’t play a part in the actual game – you’re a Big Daddy, so of course the Drill is your melee weapon of choice.
Wow.  Did this really need a mention?  I guess they got a lot of questions about it.  And, yeah, CoR, my heart is hurt and you did spoil it for me!  I can't use a knife?  Fine ... guess I'll try to use the humongous drill attached to my arm ... I guess ...

Sorry for my sarcasm, but this was a weird Q&A.  They didn't even end it in celebratory fashion, like with a "Thanks everyone for your questions!  We hope you love playing next week what we've bled, sweated, and cried over for so long!"  Nope.  Just saying there won't be ghosts but flashbacks (I for one loved the ghosts, so I'm sad to see this go).

Whatev, 2K ... I guess I'll still play your "little" game at midnight next Tuesday and play all day until I hopefully beat it and love every second of it.  :D

Natal Prototype Is Like Number 5's Third Cousin Twice Removed

Joystiq got a hold of a pic from a Seattle Times article revealing the Natal prototype Microsoft is sending out to its makers.  Also of note is that the manufactuer, Taiwanese company Pegatron Technology, is producing both the newest iPhones and Natal systems.

Humor ensues about accidentally switching or merging the two technologies, but what caught my fancy was the company's name:  Pegatron.  Is that like a Predalien version of Pegasus and Voltron (who already is a bunch of animals)?

Aliens vs. Predator Multiplayer Demo - First Impressions

This ain't no Halo or Call of Duty.

Ready for download now is the promised Aliens vs. Predator multiplayer demo, giving us all 12 days to run, shoot, claw, and fire explosives in some other creature's space moccasins talons before the full release.  And Rebellion's multiplayer is very different.  And different is very good.

The obvious major difference is your ability to choose between three different species to duke it out.  The Marines carry damaging weaponry, the Predators have 1/3 of the Deathly Hallows (that's "cloaking" to the lay-muggles), and the Aliens are as fast and as disorienting as you'd imagine.  Each have their strong points and weaknesses.  I played about four or five 10 minute Deathmatches on the map Refinery (the only mode and map available in the demo) before I had to leave for work, playing as each species at least once.  I can't wait to actually gain XP during the real matches because once I'm done with the three campaigns and I've alternated from playing some BioShock 2, I'll be shooting monsters with green blood for a while.

Click below to read about my first impressions.

February 3, 2010

Dead Space 2 Less Scary, and That's Scary

According to Visceral Games' senior VP, Nick Earl, the follow up to critically acclaimed Dead Space will have a more action orientation than horror.  I'm bummed.

I admit my sadness at the same time I staunchly hold my ground in that I don't like "horror" things.  It really depends on what the "horror" is because, judging from the last several hours, you can tell that I LOVE the Alien franchise.  However, I'm not a fan of the gore, but the saga, the human stories painted on the backdrop of Alien threats is so well told; plus the Alien species is probably the scariest thing ever created.  Sensational horror in the vein of Jason Vorhees or George Romero is not my cup of tea, and I wish weren't anyone's.  Horror in video games is a tad different, in many ways, good and bad.  Where horror on the screen usually has us observe ultra "realistic" violence, video games have you participate in digitized violence.  But then, to my conscience, it depends whether you're defending yourself against humans or creatures, or just being cruel to innocents, which is why I enjoy Dead Space so much (and didn't mind the violence in Resident Evil 5).  It is a perfect blend of atmosphere and survival horror.

I am a fan of suspense, and though Dead Space is survival horror, dang ... I've never been in so much suspense for so long in my life!  The whole game!!!  Hands down, scariest game ever.  Even if I can't play the game longer than 30 minutes at a time, the suspense keeps me coming back.  Claustrophobia.  Dark corners.  Moving corners.  Every duct or fan could house a necromorph.  It's masterfully done.  Maybe a bit long, but engrossing nonetheless.

I'm sad to hear that in space someone will probably hear me scream.

Aliens Infest Multiplayer

Looks like I guessed right.  Continuing from their "Predator Hunt" mode trailer from two days ago, G4TV has uploaded for our viewing pleasure the Alien variant entitled "Infestation Mode."

It looks pretty intense, instead of becoming one juggernaut against many with the Predator, you slowly become one lone survivor against a growing juggernaut-with-many-arms-teeth-and-tails.

Check it out after the jump.

Confirmed - Aliens vs. Predator Multiplayer Demo for Feb. 4th

Confirmed, confirmed, confirmed, and confirmed, TOMORROW will release hordes of Aliens and Predators, and battalions of Marines into the gaming universe.  The Aliens vs. Predator demo will arrive on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Steam (PC).

As stated above, it's a multiplayer demo.  I'm a little saddend by "multiplayer demos" because we don't really get to stretch our legs safely with the control scheme before the fray (Halo: Reach will also have a multiplayer demo, but I imagine controlling another Spartan will resemble Master Chief).  At least the playing field will be even for a while.

If we get to choose, I'd like to try the Alien first.  What about you?  Are you even going to download it?

Multiplaying in BioShock 2

The next couple of weeks my wife is going to miss me.  I'm only going to be one room away, but I'm going under the ocean and into outer space.  As the band Mae puts it, "so close but we're so far ... away."  But, honey, I'll be sure to play later in the night when you're taking a bath or sleeping ... so I'm hoping that'll make things ok ... ?  Right, hon?

I haven't had the excitement of a new game approaching since Modern Warfare 2.  That was only three months ago, but a gamer lives for events like these new and midnight releases, and three months is a pretty long time.  To me personally, MW2 has lost the luster of its admittedly stellar multiplayer and admittedly lacking single-player, so I'm chomping at the bit for something new.  The past month has seen me focusing a lot of attention to JASON 3:60 (which is great), writing, and in my spare time going after the remaining achievements I have in Dead Space and Call of Duty Classic.  Those games are fun, but ... as I've already said ad nauseum ... I need something new.  Do you feel that way?

BioShock 2 is next week, and close on it's heels is Aliens vs. Predator.  Let's take one game at a time (besides, I only have the "Oh, Rapture!!!" banner above so I'm not allowed to talk about anything else; them's the rules of the banner).

The saga of Rapture caught me in its undertow and is the main reason I'm struggling to wait to play.  However, with the prospect of infinitely replayable multiplayer, we can hold our breath underwater a bit longer.  That is, if it's any good.

Check out the jump for a slew of videos and IGN's take on "How to Deathmatch in BioShock 2."

BioShock 2 Launch Trailer, Embedded

Thanks, IGN.

More BioShock 2 News & Previews

Here's what others had to say about it:

Kotaku - " ... continuing a tradition begun during the first game's marketing, there's fake gameplay footage in there. Why they couldn't just include real gameplay footage, I don't know"

Joystiq - "It's a cool clip, but we get the uneasy feeling that the heavy reliance on non-gameplay, first-person action is just a touch misleading"

G4TV - "... this trailer is pretty wicked, and should hold you over until the game releases on February 9."

Orlando Just Rambles - "Oh yeah.  This is nice! Bioshock fans, give it a watch"

Overall, the trailer has been well received, noting however the artistic CG cutscene versus actual gameplay.  You can read what I had to say below and compare the trailers.

And you're welcome, Orlando.

Paradise or Perdition? Rapture Is What You Make It in New BioShock 2 Trailer

Finally, after sitting through a mediocre opening monologue with a handful of lewd jokes and laughter-less bits (thought not all was bad), just minutes ago Late Night with Jimmy Fallon debuted 2K Marin's BioShock 2 Launch Trailer.  And it was good.

The 3.5 minute mini-film begins with a voiceover from Dr. Sophia Lamb, waxing philosophical about the rise and fall of Andrew Ryan's "utopia."  Soon, we shift to following the plight of a Daddy-less Little Sister being chased by a Splicer.  Seemingly cornered, your character, the Delta Big Daddy, rises up to her rescue.  Though choice in "dealing" with the Little Sister is essential to the gameplay narrative, to harvest or to save, for the trailer you adopt the girl and protect her as she leads you to another war-torn atrium; awaiting you are more enemies, a Big Sister, and a Rocky-esque ending, going to black without finishing the battle (which looks like they will be intense).  2K and Jordan Thomas are sticking big with atmosphere and creepy denizens again, highlighted by a moment where your character sees the ghosts of party-goers past.  It was a nice moment that reemphasized the importance of the story and that Rapture itself has depth and character.

Hopefully tomorrow (3 minutes until midnight, so later today probably) someone will have a video I can place here **UPDATE** GameSpot already has ... but I can't embed those stupid videos!!!  Anyway, it was very reminiscent of the very first BioShock trailer back in 2006 (below, care of GameTrailers).

Good trailers will showcase the basic mechanics of what the player will have available, the enemy types, and even an introduction to the story (Left 4 Dead's opening cinematic did this perfectly).  I believe this Jimmy-Fallon-Launch-Trailer ranks up there, though if you've been following the game at any length, nothing new was revealed.

I just can't wait to play it.

Stay tuned as I will compile several more news articles and even some multiplayer previews.

February 2, 2010

Aliens vs. Predator Xbox 360 Demo Thursday, and I'm an Aliens Nerd

So, I had a lack of updates today.  Hey, some days I have to work.

But Aliens vs. Predator demo news hatched.  I first learned about it through That VideoGame Blog (who found it through AVP Galaxy) that supposedly it will be available on XBL this Thursday.  When on that day, I'm not sure, but an ad appeared briefly in the Spotlight section of the Xbox dashboard at some point, which gives credence to Tim's words.

Though I'm getting the game anyway, it'll be nice to give the game a test drive, so I hope the rumors are true.

And plus, to further enhance my Alien nerdness, I received in the mail today something I've been waiting for for a week or so that I had to specially order because all this Aliens talk is bringing back some good times.  This was the very first CD I ever bought (not the Deluxe Edition) and somewhere down the line I thought I needed to sell it.  Stupid.  But now I have it back and it's currently seeping through my ears with that distinguishable Aliens vibe, the heroic "Ripley's Rescue," and the amazing "Futile Escape" and "Bishop's Countdown" that really helped define movie music.

Now, if I can only start finding those books again ...

February 1, 2010

7 Days Until BioShock 2! 24 Hours Until ... Jimmy Fallon?

That countdown clock at the bottom left of the page is getting smaller and smaller!

7 days, x hours ... 7 days, x-1 hours ... 7 days, x-2 hours ...

I'm trying my best not to expect too much and have low expectations.  That just seems wrong, doesn't it?  But the general course of sequels is either on par or sub par with the original (save for entries like Assassin's Creed II), and I have my fears about the multiplayer element, so I think lowered expectations (sorry for the, uh ... Dutch? ... in the video there) is the way to go.  I feel so dirty saying that; it's just so hard to be as surprising and new as the original.  But I'm still looking forward to my #1 anticipated game of 2010.

And to kick off this final week of waiting, allow me to lead you to a few places around the 'Net that will kindle the flames and flood your soul with that anticipation of diving back to the depths of Rapture.

Final Fantasy XIII to be a III-Disc Adventure?

Kotaku reports that stay-at-home game rental service GameFly has claimed that Final Fantasy XIII for the Xbox 360 will encompass three discs.

This brings me back to the good ole PS1 days when a lot of the big games had to go through multiple disc-swaps (FF VII, Metal Gear Solid).  You knew it was big if the game couldn't make it onto just one.

Kinda gives you something else to work towards, maybe clues to how much longer you have left.

**UPDATE**  Yep, confirmed.

Get Ready for BioShock 2 by Reliving BioShock 1 in 5 Minutes

IGN is always humorous in their company made videos.  Below is "BioShock in 5 Minutes," just in case you don't have time to play through the whole first game to be story-ready for the sequel.  Bits of language, but the harsher ones are bleeped.  It's a Mature game, so language is to be expected.  Very amusing condensed version!

*Spoilers* If you haven't played 1, don't bother watching.

BioShock 2 - How to Be a Big Daddy, GameSpot Style

GameSpot today released three videos that I can only assume were part of an airing late last week (I assume because I'm avoiding watching a lot of gameplay videos that aren't trailers, so I could be wrong).  If not , well, they've released three new videos.  And my luck with embedding GameSpot videos is 0 for every-time-I've-tried.  The first three linked words above lead you to videos entitled "Guarding a Little Sister," "Splicer Ambush," and "Hacking and Fighting" respectively, whilst clicking "airing" above takes you to the first 12 minutes of BioShock 2.

Watch at your own risk!

"I've got movment in front and behind!" - More Aliens vs. Predator

A Xenomorphic swarm of Aliens vs. Predator tidbits keep coming out of the gosh-dang walls!  This is not so much new information as it is a "dissection" of the multiplayer modes and a Game Night at 1Up tomorrow night (I'm assuming live streaming or something?).  If you're interested, click below, if not I'll understand.  The Predator will probably understand, too.

But I'm pretty sure the Alien is going after you either way.

Unless you're pregnant with a Queen ...

Alan Wake 2? How About Alan Wake 1 First?

Via ThatVideoGame Blog, CVG had a chat with with Laura Disney, Microsoft's Product Marketing Manager,  about the uniqueness of Remedy's long-awaited IP Alan Wake.  And like any good marketing person, she made sure to say the full name of the game at every opportunity (at least 8 times in the article).

I am excited about this game, obviously.  It's been in development forEVER.  Disney kind of skirts a couple of questions when CVG asks why it's taken so long and the "polished" quality many are expecting from it's years of sleeping.  But, overall, Microsoft is proud of what Remedy has put so much time and effort into.

The best question for me is this:
What in Alan Wake will really blow gamers away?
The time Remedy has spent on Alan Wake is indicative of the final result players can expect to see. The storyline will run as a driving factor throughout the game, creating an atmosphere that captivates the player in a way that many straight-out horror games do not.

Alan Wake will blur the lines between video gaming and television, and play on the strengths of both to create something truly compelling.
And when asked about the future of the character, while DLC has been announced, any plans for a sequel are on a "wait and see" basis.  That's good ... you don't want to jump the gun.

Too Human?  You listening?