January 30, 2010

Aliens vs. Predator's Survivor Mode Trailer

"They're gonna come in here, and they're gonna come in here and they're gonna get us!" - Pvt. Hudson

I ain't even putting a jump break here.  GameTrailers has a new Aliens vs. Predator trailer promoting what Rebellion has called the game's "core:"  Survivor Mode.

Enjoy below (and it's interesting that there is "Suggestive Themes" in this game ... )

January 29, 2010

LEGO Harry Potter, School's About to Begin

Well, not about to, more like in four months.  But if you're a fan of the notable novels, the fabulous films, or the lengthy, likable LEGO ... games, you'll have much to rejoice about as Warner Brothers and Traveling Tales craft another entry into their peg-and-block style of popular adventure parodies (phew!), LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4.

I've been a fan of the series since LEGO Star Wars, and much like the addictive RPG aspects of current multiplayer designs, collecting stuff can be hecka fun ... when it's not Middle Eastern flags.  And the LEGO games, while family friendly, aren't necessarily designed for kids.  Their dialogue-less humor, level designs, and extreme length are enjoyable at any age, even more so if you love the movies they're having fun with.  And I love Harry Potter.

IGN printed (are internet articles considered "print" nowadays?) a look at LEGO Potter, praising the look, feel, and overall evolution of the LEGO mechanic.  I'm always amazed how WB and Tt mold these familiar stories and specific story-details to fit their aesthetic, and Potter looks to follow suit even more.  Spells, potions, and even the characters' age in respect to their year seem to be handled expertly.

It looks fun.  I probably won't buy it Day 1, but certainly it'll be an eventual play.

MLB 2K10, Million Dollar Arm = Million Dollar Prize

Play sports games much?  How about baseball ones?  If you're good enough at playing fake baseball instead of the real pasttime, you could actually win $1,000,000!

Via Joystiq (et al), 2K Sports is holding a contest with a million dollar prize for the first person to pitch a perfect game on their upcoming release MLB 2K10.  That's not just a no-hitter, my friends, but a perfect game, meaning no one on the other team safely touches first base.

"Piece of cake!  I hit like 17 home runs a game with my jacked-up players set on easy ... so where's my check?!?"

Time out, Sport.  There are couple of regulations here before you take your cuts.

1.)  You must play against the computer (no two controllers, or yer out!) on the "MLB Today" mode; that sets the defaults to even the playing field.

2.)  You must record the entire game and record it to DVD, which will then be reviewed to see if your truly earned it.  No asterix marks here!

The first to round all the "bases" wins.

The contest will last for 60 days beginning March 2nd and running until May 2nd.  Oh, and best of luck because every other console and handheld device will have a copy, so the competition will be fierce.

So make sure you stretch out them thumbs.

January 28, 2010

BioShock 2 Multiplayer Q&A, and Jordan Thomas Hasn't Been Out Much

Joystiq posted something that reminded me of an article I set aside to read but forgot.  And it's about BioShock 2 ... how could I forget?  And literally as I'm typing this ... no, really, as I was actually typing this post ... I glance above at my "Google Reader" tab and notice an update, check it, and lo and behold, Joystiq has posted another article about my favorite underwater game.

Interested?  Then, would you kindly click below?

Gears of War Now and Forever Linked to Lost Planet

Remember that ambiguous "Capcom x Microsoft" piece of news last week?  When the day came and went, the world as we know it became a completely different place!  Perhaps not completely, but in a metaphysical sense, news came out, so our concept of reality has now been altered.  Too much thinking?  Anyway ...

There were a few other announcements, but the one that caught my eye was the announcement that Capcom and Epic are teaming up for Capcom's next sequel, Lost Planet 2, by placing Gears of War leads Marcus Fenix and Dom "what's his face" into some more extreme conditions.  Now, I'm not a comic guy, but I know this type of thing happens all the time in the comic book realm (Aliens vs Predator for one).  Obviously, this could be really interesting in a Kingdom Hearts kind of way, or suffer from a Kingdom Hearts 2, Little Mermaid planet kind of way (and please do NOT search for the remaining parts to the song, please for the love of our Almighty God, please don't).  Capcom apparently sought out Epic, both sides exclaiming that they love each other's work yadda-yadda, but this could be a cool idea.  I didn't play Lost Planet (save for the awesome demo), I don't think this will make me want to try, but it looks cool, and the recognizable Gears COG logo underneath Lost Planet 2 looks nice.  I hope it's not just publicity!

Check out the trailer after the breakity-break!

Huzzah! Figured Out Picture Linking HTML Stuff!

Whoo-hoo!  Click the images below and they'll take you to where you want to go!


Aliens vs. Predator "Demo Soon!", Plus Three New Videos and Info

What incredible timing ... I create these new segment banners yesterday and today I get to use them!

I found out this morning through GameSpot a wonderful wealth of information about Rebellion's upcoming monster, Aliens vs. Predator.  GameSpot interviewed Rebellion's own Tim Jones, twice: once about AvP's multiplayer, and another about the opening minutes of each of the three campaigns.  Long story short, I didn't watch these videos because A.) I hate spoilers, even the opening minutes of something (I'd rather experience it in a demo), and B.) the computer I'm currently on does not have sound.  I'm including both of these videos after the break for anyone else to enjoy, if they so desire, waiting until later in the day when I can actually hear the multiplayer video.

However, second long story short, I was able to watch and listen to another Tim Jones interview given to GameTrailers entitled the "Ultimate Experience."  If you're looking for a quick rundown of everything Aliens vs. Predator has to offer, this is the video you want to watch.  Jones does a wonderful job of hitting the bullet points that Rebellion claims makes their title "the ultimate experience."  And it looks like it.  And Jones officially says there will be a demo soon!
Videos (if GameSpot's embed codes work!) and links are all that there is after the jump.  Read up.  "It's gametime." - Corporal Hicks.

January 27, 2010

Messin' Around With the Site Again

I've been keeping up with the news, but sadly not up to posting anything lately.  I'ma gonna blame work.  Actually, later in the week is easier for me because of my work schedule ... but for the those (few) who are following me, my apologies.

I've been thinking of ways to make Jason 3:60 more interesting.  And I don't know why, but I love segments.  I must have watched a lot of SportsCenter segments in my life (which, thankfully, have dropped off now that the show has been live for a while).  But many video game websites have such things, so I'm painting the bandwagon with everyone else.

What do I mean by "segments?"  I don't really know ... what I'm thinking of is some image that shows up above each post (like The Daily Sync images), THEN I'd like to eventually put on the right side some, like, "Launch Center" section/navigation button menu that takes you to every post related to whatever button you clicked.  And I wanted to give each game/news section a catchy name ... at least I think they are (and I thought it'd be fun).  This is all my dream anyway.  I don't want each page to be too crowded and busy, either.  But anyway, I like messing with things.  I've been experimenting, so I hope all this will come to fruition at some point.

Another thing, I am doing away with the Daily Sync; "daily" was aiming a bit too high.  My plan is a more continuous feed of stories I like with a splash of editorialism, in other words posting stories as soon as I read them and get a chance to write something up.

For now, I have a couple of generic labels for news stories, and some for my "Launch Center" idea of my anticipated games this year.  I think it'll be cool.  Thanks for checking back in, and click below to see a preview of what these mysterious "segment images" will look like!

January 25, 2010

Halo: Reach, Will Be the "Definitive Halo," More Like Halo: CE

Normally, this story would be saved for my news segment, "The Daily Sync," or whatever I decide to call it in the future, but to me I'm jolted with encouragement that I can't wait until later.  Who needs a Jolt with an article like this?

And I'll be honest, witchya.  When 2010 started, all I knew about Reach was it was a prequel Halo title, and more than likely I was gonna buy it and finagle a day off from work to play it from midnight on.  I've always liked the story, probably more than the solid gameplay (which I do like, sans multiplayer).  One of my favorite levels was Cortana from Halo 3 because it was this awesome rescue mission, a mission with a personal purpose against towering (and Legendarily-frustrating) odds.  Another favorite Halo thing of mine ... the Arbiter.  Compared to Master Chief, the Arbiter has a much more meaningful story arc, very much a Pauline character, and my favorite in the cast of the trilogy.

All this to say, I prefer story and campaign above all.  I play Halo for it's story and appropriate gameplay mechanics over twitchy multiplayer.  And thankfully, there's an article out today that encourages me.

January 24, 2010

More NES Cakes!

God bless you, Cake Wrecks.  Click the link to see a few others.

January 22, 2010

The Daily Sync for January 22nd, 2010

22 days into 2010.  I can't tell yet if the year is going by slowly or quickly, but January sure feels like it's zooming by.  And with all these flashes of days, I'm doing my best to spot the stories that grab my attention.  They mainly make me happy, not necessarily anyone else, so now I guess I've just revealed and spoiled my sinister scheme of despotly controlled video game media propaganda.  I guess I'll kindly work for Andrew Ryan now (or Fontaine ... ?).

  A lot more Reach today and ... some ... thing ... is happening January 26th ...

Convince Me - Mass Effect

I am a gamer.  Through and through, from that monumental day in 1980-something when my family rented the original NES from the local Blockbuster Hollywood Video corner video rental store, the love of video games has been etched onto my heart.  Just thinking about games and gaming sometimes rushes dramatically through me like the most potent Mario mushroom.  And now that the game industry has become more of an artistic experience rather than memorizing sprites and disappearing blocks, I think they deserve even more respect and time.

But you know, even though I'm a gamer, there are some games that don't excite me, that don't make me want to save every penny to buy, that don't energize me to be early at a midnight release.  And I'm talking about big games, not those games that slip under the radar, but those games that are supposed to bring the gaming populace together.  This doesn't mean I'm anti- these games, but I just can't muster the desire even to begin to play.  I am a gamer, but sometimes I need the right persuasion to play.

Hence the title of this segment, "Convince Me."  I am asking anyone to give me some good reasons why I need to play some of the big hitters out there that I just can't seem for which to make the time, but only after you hear where I'm coming from.

My first choice I offer is Mass Effect.

January 21, 2010

The Daily Sync for January 21st, 2010

About 500 or so gaming news articles pass in front of my eyes daily.  There is a lot of stuff that happens everyday, so don't let anyone say video games are for the lazies; these people are hard at work!  However, despite the myriad of information, nothing really tickled my fancy.  They may tickle others', but not mine today.  I do my best to section out the big news, however, but it's pretty much what I think is huge.  To each his own!  I hope you like what I choose as headliners!

Anyway, like I've said in a previous Daily Sync, no big news is no big deal.  It just means something else that's big is cooking, biding it's time for the right moment to surface ...

I can't even think of a good entice to click below, so you might as well just click.

There's a couple of viiideeeeooos ...

Umm ... Amazon.com has a Video Game Deal of the Day?!?


This is awesome, though!  I learned through Joystiq today that Amazon.com has VIDEO GAME DEALS OF THE DAY!  Everyday at midnight Pacific Time, Amazon has a new deal ... wow.  I can't necessarily benefit from this at this point, but maybe you can, while supplies last, that is.

Today's deal is Left 4 Dead 2$35!!!

Keep checking everyday to see what's new because apparently some newer games have been hinted at!

The Heritage of Rebellion's Aliens vs. Predator

This missed the cut for yesterday's news just barely.  GameSpot put up an awesome video that essentially compares the 1999 PC breakthrough Aliens vs. Predator to their current iteration, a "more intense, and realistic, and compelling experience" that Rebellion had only "dreamt about being able to do" last decade.  I remember playing that.  I was in England studying abroad one semester in 2004, had my laptop with me, and was bored most of the time I was in my dorm room.  So, I went ahead and purchased a copy to occupy my time, and I'll never forget how freaked out I was as a Marine.  Next month can only be more frightening.

I can't wait!

*after trying to paste the embed code*

Well, I was gonna have the video here, but GameSpot's code isn't working, so here's the link instead!

And check out yesterday's Daily Sync if you missed out on IGN UK's hands-on experience with the highly suspenseful Survivor Mode.

January 20, 2010

The Daily Sync for January 20th, 2010

Ok, first, because I know she probably won't read much farther than this sentence in this article, it is my wife's birthday today.  I owe her much, especially because on my birthday she allowed me to have the TV all day to play video games.  ALL DAY.  She's not a gamer, but that kind of gift to one means a lot.  Love you, Abby!  Ok, you can go download some more songs from iTunes for your new iPod. :)

Next, I'm sorry about this week sucking on daily synchronizing of news.  Life happens, you know?  Perhaps I went in over my head promising daily reports.  I'm gonna do my best, though.  And so as not to false advertise, I think I'll alter the title of these sections.  Keep your eyes open!

Over the past few days not a lot happened, at least in my opinion.  However, some biggies have dropped recently and I gotta spread my excitement!  Click below to read how you can be a hero, updates and previews of my next two anticipated releases, and other gaming news.

January 18, 2010


At the very bottom of this page I've begun placing some countdown timers to my anticipated games of this year.  I'm not savvy enough at HTML yet to create a button at the top (next to "Profiles" and Blogger's homepage) so you'll have to scrooooooooll allllllllllllllll the way down for now.  Also, I decided to put them in Eastern Time to coincide with each game's "official" release time in the United States, despite me being in the Central zone.

The countdown timer I used is probably the best one I found in my searching.  Scroll down to see the countdown to BioShock 2, Aliens vs. Predator, and Final Fantasy XIII!

January 16, 2010

Most Anticipated Xbox 360 Games of 2010, Part II

Here are my remaining three Most Anticipated Xbox Games of 2010 (in alphabetical order).  Click here if you missed Part I.

January 15, 2010

The Daily Sync for January 15th, 2010

Today was a blah day in news, in my opinion.  But that's all right.  I suppose if everyday had some major game detail reveal, then those days would feel like blah days until we upped the ante somehow.  But that's not to say there wasn't anything worth mentioning.

Assassin's Creed 2, a bit more Final Fantasy XIII, and a study on the parental adherence to ESRB ratings.

Constant Tweakings, Rearrangings

I'm doing my best to make sure this blog is an easily maneuverable source of the Xbox 360 world.  I'm like an editor on some kind of upper; almost hourly I'm thinking of things to include, layouts, wordings, praying, pictures, my wife, food, work, and finding time to reflect on God and to eventually play some games.  I have other fun, personal tidbits I want to add, but I just wanted whoever's reading and/or following Jason 3:60 to know that I'm constantly thinking about it, proud of it, and confident in it.

So, some things I've modified or added are:

The latest Metacritic reviews for Xbox 360 games
Games on the horizon via GameCrazy
Two gamercards
And an overall flow (I think) of the site and sidebar

Thanks for visiting and reading!

A Cooler Look at Mega Man's Latest Foes

Kotaku has a nice gallery of Mega Man 10's eight new Robot Masters, comparing the concept art with each's digital counterpart.  To the right, say hello to the now-and-probably-forever-popular Sheep Man who does what any robot baddie does when made to resemble a sheep ... "transforms into clouds and casts lighting bolts on you."

January 14, 2010

The Daily Sync for January 14th, 2010


Today's edition of my favorite video game news articles of the day includes a new Batman: Arkham Asylum, the unreality of button mashing, and the eagerly anticipated first details of Bungie's mega-hyped Halo: Reach!

The "Halo Effect" that ISN'T about Master Chief

One of my favorite new blogs is The Psychology of Video Games.  It's writer, the well-educated, gaming-savvy, Ph.D.'d Jaime Madigan, tries to answer what every other girlfriend, wife, and septuagenarian and older wonder:  Why do we play video games.  There's some very insightful studies, such as the Hot Hand Fallacy that links basketball in the 80s with Modern Warfare 2 (so I guess this isn't true!).  Ok, it's not just 80s basketball but that's beside the point.  The articles are really fascinating, and I've always loved psychology.

His latest entry, "Bayonetta: Witches with Halos" discusses the halo effect, "a cognitive bias that happens when your evaluation of one trait unjustifiably bleeds over into your perceptions of others."  Though the article is more about reaction to marketing and design, as a Christian and a gamer, and a Christian gamer, I'm certain this effect trickles into the perception of individuals.  And part of the purpose of this blog is to defend that "unjustifiable bleeding."

And also, as a Christian, it's on my conscience to say that this article does include a somewhat shapely advertisement of Bayonetta's heroine (there's worse out there, but any little "bit" can lead to bigger "bits"), and the entire blog has pretty good control of language.  I only say this if there's anyone reading this who was born after Jurassic Park was in theaters, aka the young ones.

January 13, 2010

The Daily Sync for January 13th, 2010

Welcome to the first ever edition of "The Daily Sync," certain posts that are pretty much my attempt at compiling and further reporting video game news ... that other people have done already ... but I provide links to them and comments ... ... ... yay!  I figured that since I practically have a stock ticker of gaming news, I would do something else with it than read it for myself.  Lo and behold, my brain-news-child, "The Daily Sync."

Every weekday after 5pm I hope to provide a short list of some of the crazy, interesting, sad, and exciting news that has been released that day and the night before.  5pm because I'm at least done with my office work for the day (usually), and I take forever on these posts so I miss out on anything that happens that evening.  Just go with me, people! :)

Read on to see what I deem newsworthy!

January 10, 2010

NES stands for "Nicely Edible Sweets"

Cake Wrecks is one of my favorite sites.  Today was posted a very gamer friendly series of wedding cakes in an homage to classic NES and old school video game culture.  Enjoy here.

A side note.  Now, I loved my wedding, and despite it not being perfect, I wouldn't change a thing ... except maybe one.  Here's what I would have done for my groom's cake now that I know it can be done well:

Xbox 360 cake
Xbox original cake

Most Anticipated Xbox 360 Games of 2010, Part I

All right, all right, all right!

There's no turning back now that we're over a week into this new year.  Is it just me, or does anyone else think something major is going to occur in 2010?  Not necessarily in the game industry, but just in life ... maybe it's just me, but I digress.

However, some big things are going to happen in the gaming industry.  Here are two of my Top 5 (in alphabetical order) Most Anticipated Xbox 360 Games of 2010, along with what excites me and strikes fear in my heart about each one.  Click below to see the first two.

January 8, 2010

One Caveat

I unflinchingly call myself a gamer because in my life I've owned or played a myriad of systems from Intellivision and Atari, to Sega CD and 32X, to the legendary PS2 and most everything in between and after (sadly, my thumbs were never graced with the TurboGrafx-16).  However, I am a major Xbox 360 fanboy and that is the only system I own and will own until my wife and I win the lottery and can afford another console.  It'd be incredible to own a PS3 someday, but if I don't, I won't die because of not having one.

I'll give a diatribe about owning a Wii another time ...

So most anything I talk about will be Xbox 360 related, hence my blog title ... see?  It's playing off biblical writing ... and I play 360 ... get it?  GET IT?!?  :)

In the Beginning ...

*standing up* Hi everyone, my name is Jason, and I'm a Christian video gamer *sitting down*.

I am actually not afraid to admit this.  I am a video game fa-NAT-ic.  Unfortunately, being an avid video gamer AND a Christian tends to sound like Greek to the common ear, so my only fear is of being judged.  Not entirely by non-Christians, but possibly more so by other Christians.  It is possible to be a gaming fan and believe in, and worship, Jesus.  But, before we wax poetic and philosophize like crazy, allow me to say a couple of things first ...