May 10, 2010

Machinima Asks, "WTBF?"

"WTF is WTBF?" you might ask.

WTBF stands for "What the Bright Falls," Machinima's analytical question to what the heck is going on in Alan Wake's prequel, "Bright Falls."  I'm such a nerd for meticulous crap like this!  These guys are really good, asking logical questions and pointing out important details and clues most people would miss (like the opening credits; there's so much there!).  What a crazy town Bright Falls is.  If I ever go, I'm bringing these guys.

If you've seen the first three episodes then check out the two WTBF videos below.  If you haven't, where have you been, and watch them first before these.

*Disclaimer - The first video drops an F-Bomb*

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