March 18, 2010

Halo: Reach, New Matchmaking Details

I've never heard of this website before, but shacknews (via ran through some of the excitingly ambiguous things we saw in that latest Halo: Reach multiplayer beta trailer.  Explained are:

Active Roster - Thought to be some kind of drop-in-drop-out mechanic, it's more of a pre-game lobby interface that tells you what all your friends are doing if they're playing Reach.  This would eliminate/lessen the use of the forever-loading Guide and provide an overall streamlined nature to Halo multiplaying.  Very cool.

Arena - This is for the more hardcore players with a great new ranking structure that sounds like athletic standings, "daily rankings" being a feature.  Geared more for the higher echelons, it doesn't discourage the low-levels as long as people play mainly against same skilled players.  Could be neat, especially with a prominently displayed global leaderboard ...

Various voting changes - The coolest is perhaps more veto options that allow for vetoing specific match elements instead of the whole thing.  For example, still want to play Shotty Snipes but not on this map?  Veto the map only!  Also, you can kind of customize your account how you typically like to play, whether you're "chatty" or "quiet," want to win or just have fun, "polite vs. rowdy," and even whether you like to play alone or are team-minded.

Speaking of customizing, no mention as to the Loadout situation, so we'll just have to drool over these pics and read and re-read the article because there's more in it than I've mentioned here.  This is a must read!

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