March 5, 2010

Two Awesome Sequel Announcements for BioShock 2 and ... PORTAL 2!

BioShock 2 news:

The Sinclair Solutions Test Pack is going to be available March 11, next Thursday, for 400 points/$5!  Read here for the skinny on what you get.  This one is purely multiplayer related, and I'll admit that I'm enjoying multiplayer a lot more as I play.  Perhaps I should write my own second-opinion ...

Now for the people who are still alive ...

Portal 2 news:

It exists!!!  And this cake isn't a lie.  The April issue of GameInformer places Portal on a pedestal with snazzy cover art and a 12 page spread, covering details that reveal, among other things, that PORTAL 2 WILL BE A STAND ALONE GAMEPortal on The Orange Box was amazing, perhaps more memorable than the Half-Life portion only because it was something completely new and unexpectedly cool.  But lasting mere hours, it begged for add ons.  I'm looking forward to more mind-exploding puzzles, new twists, and a continuing dark humor-undertone that ends with another hilarious credits-song ... or tops it!

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