March 2, 2010

In the Light of a Lacking Aliens Vs. Predator Review ...

... of which I'm working on, here is this tidbit from Kotaku about Aliens: Colonial Marines.  I guess you don't really need to read it.  I'll tell you, so just have a seat.

Gearbox, not Rebellion, is working on this one.  They made Borderlands.  Now that Borderlands is out and performing well, they feel more ready than ever to put tons of focus onto their xenomorphic entry.

Randy Pitchford of Gearbox has said "It's the thing I've been stealing from all my career. Now I'm really working on it, but we've been quiet about that so far."

If it gives you any indication about my feelings on Aliens vs. Predator, I'm looking forward to Colonial Marines to revive my hopes that there could be a great console Aliens game.

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