April 7, 2010

Alan Wake is "Done!"


(I first read this on Joystiq)

This isn't the Omnibus article promised in the scrolling text above, but merely an announcement to spread across the world! ... ... ... or to my two or so readers!

Remedy has now dotted the final period of their first entry in the Alan Wake series!  Passing Microsoft certification, Alan Wake is now done and ready to be shipped next month on May 18th (and a few days earlier to lucky Europe).  To celebrate, the developers popped some bubbly they'd been saving for this day, and they even released a new behind the scenes diary entitled "Building the Thriller," and a trailer (not sure if it's new actually, but CVG says it is!)  I haven't watched them yet, since I don't have sound on the computer in front of my face, but nevertheless I've embedded them after the break below and I'll personally enjoy them later.

Now it's only 40 1/2 days until midnight when I can grasp that linen hardbound limited collector's edition in my palms and hopefully get most of the day off to play this thriller that has kept us in suspense for so long.

Congratulations, Remedy, and thank you for not giving up!

"Building the Thriller:"

New (?) Trailer:


  1. LOL! Ha. Backstage crew. This is a game I really want to play. I'm nervous about it of course but still I'm playing this one.

  2. Yeah, they just scream backstage crew. Or roadies.

    Some of it I'm nervous about, too. I hope the action and suspense are continually throwing new stuff at us instead of the same sinister, hunched-over farmer maniacs or vehicles coming to life. And the use of light should grow and add a sense of survival horror.

    But then again it could be like DEAD SPACE's rectangular ducts that you see everywhere; you become afraid of each one because you never know if something's gonna leap out at you. Or corners and giant tentacles ... man, those tentacle moments stop your heart!