April 20, 2010

New BioShock 2 DLC Asks Us to "Kill 'Em Kindly" in Six New Maps

Make sure you have at least 800 Microsoft Points on April 29th if you own BioShock 2; we're getting new maps, masks, a new mode and achievements.  I'll let Joystiq do the talking:
"On April 29, six new multiplayer maps will be added to BioShock 2 as part of the "Rapture Metro Map Pack." For 800 ($10), players get the new arenas, three new masks, a "Kill 'Em Kindly" Melee deathmatch mode, and three new Achievements. "
Six maps, huh?  That's awesome!  But for me, I'll pretty much be spending $10 to win some new achievements, but playing with my friends will make up for the rest of the cost. Aww ...

Now when are we getting this promised campaign DLC, 2K Marin?

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