April 6, 2010

Your Xbox 360 Now Loves USB Memory

As of today, Xbox 360 consoles are now able to sync with any USB memory unit, up to two units total, and units that have a maximum of 16GB.  Major Nelson of Xbox Live fame has a blog post heralding this technological advancement, as well as a link to a FAQ page if you have any questions that have been frequently asked.

I think this is a great option for those of us who can't afford to pony up for a higher memory capacity hard drive and who are having to delete cool video game trailers and teasers to make room for new demos.

Time to take stock in Sandisk Cruzer USB flash drives!

UPDATE April 7th:  IGN took a test drive for us and played around with the process of using one; apparently there are good and not so good (but not detrimental it seems) goings on so you might want to check out the article before diving headfirst into Flash Land.

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