April 22, 2010

Alan Wake Six-Part Live-Action Prequel on Xbox Live!

No jokes, nothing in an attempt to be funny, but a sheer honest statement in all italics:

I am so excited about this!

Beginning this Monday, Xbox Live will be showing weekly episodes of a live action prequel to the highly anticipated thriller Alan Wake entitled Bright Falls.  The whole event will culminate in a finale cliffhanger the day before the game's release which will certainly pique the excitement of those of us clamoring for the game and those who have been on the fence.

I've rolled my eyes more than once at Remedy's treatment of Wake, what with their grandiose statements of how awesome and game-changing it will be, how it pushes envelopes and raises bars of cinematic whosiewhatsies.  You don't have to shove it down our throats tell us, let the game do the talking!  It's almost like they aren't confident with the product when you read those PR tid bits.  But, I know Remedy is super proud of what they've made and the majority of the preview reports I've read are highly positive, and this announcement of a LIVE-ACTION PREQUEL SHOWN IN WEEKLY INSTALLMENTS THAT WILL SHOWCASE THE SAME CHILLING, GHOSTLY ATMOSPHERE OF THE GAME ... how crazy awesome is that?!?  They really made an effort here by using some talent and production value.  Yesterday I counted 11 more days for Reach, and now I proudly admit in geeky fashion that we have only 25 days remaining until Alan Wake!

And if the announcement alone weren't enough they went ahead and made a trailer.  I didn't think anything could match my desire to play the Reach beta for the past few days until now.  I hadn't ever forgotten about Alan Wake, but this is such a great reminder.  Check out the trailer below and tell me what you think!

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