April 9, 2010

Blame Bieber, Bleszinski! Gears of War 3 "Announced"

I missed it, and probably most of the Live community did, too (because it's been pulled), but a dashboard ad this morning claimed that Gears of War 3 has been announced and will be released in April of next year.  Not all that unusual, right?


Haha, oh man, the Dashboard Ad Guy over at Xbox Live must have been streaming some Netflix instead of watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon because developer Epic's main mouthpiece Cliffy B (Cliff Bleszinski) was scheduled to be on last night with a huge game announcement.  Epic's claim to fame is it's Gears of War series and though Bleszinski never said what this new announcement was going to be, Gears of War 3 info would not be a bad guess.

Unfortunately, tweens continue to rule these last few years and pop star Justin Bieber was brought on instead last night, bumping Cliffy out of his guest appearance and moving him to Monday night.

Then this happened early this morning:


Apparently it's been pulled, but someone's always watching the dashboard it seems and this is all over the gaming world.  I feel bad for Bleszinski.  If they haven't taped his appearance yet, I hope he makes some reference to his thunder being stolen.  I think Fallon is pretty good at making recent pop-culture references, as well as being an unashamed gamer.

I might have to watch Monday night.

(Found via Joystiq)

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