April 16, 2010

Gears of War 3 - Debut Trailer, GameTrailers and IGN Get To Nit Picking

Earlier this week Epic opened up an emergence hole of Gears of War 3 debut-ness.  Articles have been released around the 'net discussing the new game elements (e.g. 4 player co-op. women), but instead of summing up a bunch of information into an omnibus-esque post, I have a great video below that does the summing up for me (I'm going video-post-crazy today!).

GameTrailers' and IGN's awesome squads of nit picking game journalists analyze popular trailers down to a fraction of an inch of what they actually show.  The Gears 3 trailer was bound for the analytical treatment, and the Pop-Blockers and Rewind Theater-ers did what they do best!

Continue reading to watch 'em!

GameTrailers Pop-Block

IGN Rewind Theater

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  1. Those guys always put out great teaser trailers. Better than the games sometimes.