April 14, 2010

Halo: Reach - Headhunter Multiplayer Mode Explained, et. al.

Via IGN with the full interview at 1up, Bungie is slowly unveiling more and more about the new features we are eagerly anticipating in the beta for their Halo swan song, Halo: Reach.  The clock is ticking far too slowly towards May 3rd, but to tide us all over they spoke with Thierry Nguyen of 1up about 3 1/2 of the new modes in the Reach multiplayer suite (3 1/2, you ask?  Read on.)

First up is Headhunter.  What I thought to be a head-shot only affair turns out to be a looting bonanza.  The goal is to collect and drop off at certain scoring zones as many skulls as you can.  You collect these little trophies when someone is killed.  If you're killed before you can return your collection to a zone, you drop them all.  You can carry multiple skulls with full Armor Ability and weapon use.  It sounds frantic especially when you factor in that a waypoint above your character tells everyone how many skulls you're carrying, drawing even more attention when you have 10+.  We'll see how popular it becomes and which version performs better, the Free-for-All or Team matchups.

Next is Stockpile, a cross between Territories and Capture the Flag.  Oh good, I thought to myself, two modes I didn't play much having a baby.  Awesome.  A little sarcasm there, but in reading about the mode I'm really excited about this one!  Similar to Headhunter in collecting points in scoring zones, four flags spawn randomly around the map (random in order, not in placement).  To score points, your team must have a flag in its scoring zone for at least 10 seconds.  The points add up when you have more than one flag.  Even if an enemy has infiltrated your defenses and is holding one of your flags, if it's been in there for 10 seconds you still get the points despite it being in the mangy hands of the evil side.  This mode could be crazy nerve wracking and I'm really looking forward to it.

The other two modes are Generator Defense and Invasion.  I won't go into details here because I want you to read the article.  I will say however that it is a 3-on-3 objective gametype (which we all expected).  Invasion is still under wraps (See?  1/2 of a mode), but it's the only mode available on the Boneyard map and the only one with vehicles.  To quote, it going to be "vehicle-full frenzy!"

Read the full article and also enjoy some pretty cool new screens (at least, I haven't seen them before!)

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