April 22, 2010

Halo: Reach "Carnage Carnivale" Vidoc - HO ... LEE ... CRAP

"'Campaign' prepares an amazing table, but 'Multiplayer' is your meal." - Luke Smith, Bungie Designer

These are the first words of Bungie's latest video documentary titled "Carnage Carnivale" (it actually has some accented letters to sound more French or Italian or something; I don't know how to put those in).  These guys make probably the best vidocs across the gaming world.  Plus they love their job.  And when you watch them talk about what they're making, it doesn't look like they're doing a "job" but doing what they love and it's then you know that they're putting their hearts and energy into the best product they can make.

Halo: Reach could possibly be the best game of the year.

Watch the video below and TELL ME that you don't feel a sense of excitement and anticipation.  Ten days!  That's all we have left for just the multiplayer beta.  Things will change by the time it's released so who knows how much better it will be when it's finished.  In the video (below), we get some great new gameplay, showing the Armor Abilities from first person (there's an Elite evade at the 1:12 mark!), the new weapons (the DMR looks like a beast, and the new Covenant weapons look great), the bigness of the maps, and the graphics looks even more polished than Halo 3.

Did I already say Halo: Reach could possibly be the best game of the year?

I did?  I'll say it again in bold, all caps, italicized and underlined and ending with an exclamation point.


(I have to say, there is some bleeped language I'm not a fan of, but the overall video is amazing.)

The Reach beta and Alan Wake are tearing my heart apart!

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