April 2, 2010

Another Day, Another New Look ...

Hold your breath.  Make a wish.  Count to three.

If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it!

Well, it's far from paradise, but yes JASON 3:60 has re-re-vamped with some more tweaks and giggles.  The first major change is obviously the layout, flipped on the Y-axis and changed color; plus there's scrolling text with the latest updates that I think deserve attention.  I like to change things up a bit.  Or a lot.  Thanks, Blogger Draft!

I'm hoping that navigation can be easier in this version with some of the page buttons I've made at the top, and I just now found out about these page options.  I don't know if they've always been there or not, but it's a nice customizable feature that compiles different feature together nicely.

Above we now have Games, Reviews and Countdowns which should all be self-explanatory.  The last two, Faith and Gaming - Me, and Faith and Gaming - Media obviously are more focused on the common former word "Faith."  After having JASON 3:60 for almost three months now I see that I haven't really addressed my Christianity and video games to a degree much further than the Header image and a couple of sentences in some posts.  It's time to change that.

The Media one already has entries in it today and is simply more of a database of media articles, videos and the like that are related to faith and video games. (duh) The one that says "Me" will be any posts I write from my perspective ... hence the "Me."  Kind of easy to understand, but nonetheless a start in the right direction for my initial purpose in the niche blog of mine: addressing the presence of the Christian gamer.

Do you think the new layout works?  Comment yay or nay!

(And if you're wondering why the Elite 8 of Mega Man Music hasn't continued ... well, it's funny how much vigor you lose when your team is unfathomably crushed in a game they should have won but played like they'd never shot a basketball at the free throw line ever ... ... ... Ken-tuck-yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!  That, and only one person voted in the first round, so chalk it up to lack of interest, too.)


  1. Sign me up for this one! It's a lot cleaner and simple and that's cool with me.

  2. Consider yourself signed up! I dig the cleanness and simpleness, too.

    Come on niche freelancing, gig, come on!!!