January 22, 2010

The Daily Sync for January 22nd, 2010

22 days into 2010.  I can't tell yet if the year is going by slowly or quickly, but January sure feels like it's zooming by.  And with all these flashes of days, I'm doing my best to spot the stories that grab my attention.  They mainly make me happy, not necessarily anyone else, so now I guess I've just revealed and spoiled my sinister scheme of despotly controlled video game media propaganda.  I guess I'll kindly work for Andrew Ryan now (or Fontaine ... ?).

  A lot more Reach today and ... some ... thing ... is happening January 26th ...

Game Companies Love Their Ambiguous Countdowns

Like I said, something kinda vague is happening next Tuesday between Capcom and Microsoft (I got this through pretty much all my sites: IGN, Joystiq, 1UP, and G4TV).  Originating on Japan's Xbox site, which when I checked didn't lead me to the above picture but instead to the Japanese version of our Xbox site (and it's many hilarious translations; "LIVE Monthly Recommend" everybody!), no clear details are given save for the date and the two companies joining forces.  Will it be details on a sequel?  A new IP?  A new Xbox 360 exclusive IP?  We'll find out in ... whatever the clock says by the time you're reading this.

By the way, I made up the countdown version above.  That's not the actual one that was up.

Reach is 70% Done!  So When Can We Play Now?

That VideoGame Blog reported what Bungie reported to Edge, saying that Halo: Reach is 70% complete, noting however that "no one area is yet 100% complete and that there’s room for improvement in every facet."  Great!  So ... that Beta's pretty much done, then, right?

It seems a lot of the time is being used to push the console's abilities right to the brink, Joystiq says, also stating from this all-telling Edge article.  Reach's creative director, Marcus Lehto, stated that they are "taking every advantage of everything on the CPU and GPU, and every bit of memory in order to produce the look of Reach beyond anything of Halo 3."  With every new bit I read about Halo: Reach, something in me giggles and jumps like a giddy, anime schoolgirl.  I don't know what GPU stands for, but if they're pushing the limits to make this game as big as they're touting, they can throw together whatever capital letters they want!

Worthy Mentions

I ain't gonna fiddle with this awesome headline:  "When Defending Games, Look to Barry Sanders"

- Mega Man 10's achievements might include the most impossible achievement known to gaming: the Mr. Perfect achievement for, **sigh** and I quote with emphasis, "Clear the game without getting damaged." Does Capcom ever play their stinkin' games? Sure, maybe the Easy mode could make this possible, but even then ... wow. Some of the other achievements are nuts, too, so check 'em out, and be thankful that every other achievement in existence has the grace enough to allow you to get hit a few times. (via Joystiq)

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