January 15, 2010

Constant Tweakings, Rearrangings

I'm doing my best to make sure this blog is an easily maneuverable source of the Xbox 360 world.  I'm like an editor on some kind of upper; almost hourly I'm thinking of things to include, layouts, wordings, praying, pictures, my wife, food, work, and finding time to reflect on God and to eventually play some games.  I have other fun, personal tidbits I want to add, but I just wanted whoever's reading and/or following Jason 3:60 to know that I'm constantly thinking about it, proud of it, and confident in it.

So, some things I've modified or added are:

The latest Metacritic reviews for Xbox 360 games
Games on the horizon via GameCrazy
Two gamercards
And an overall flow (I think) of the site and sidebar

Thanks for visiting and reading!

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