January 27, 2010

Messin' Around With the Site Again

I've been keeping up with the news, but sadly not up to posting anything lately.  I'ma gonna blame work.  Actually, later in the week is easier for me because of my work schedule ... but for the those (few) who are following me, my apologies.

I've been thinking of ways to make Jason 3:60 more interesting.  And I don't know why, but I love segments.  I must have watched a lot of SportsCenter segments in my life (which, thankfully, have dropped off now that the show has been live for a while).  But many video game websites have such things, so I'm painting the bandwagon with everyone else.

What do I mean by "segments?"  I don't really know ... what I'm thinking of is some image that shows up above each post (like The Daily Sync images), THEN I'd like to eventually put on the right side some, like, "Launch Center" section/navigation button menu that takes you to every post related to whatever button you clicked.  And I wanted to give each game/news section a catchy name ... at least I think they are (and I thought it'd be fun).  This is all my dream anyway.  I don't want each page to be too crowded and busy, either.  But anyway, I like messing with things.  I've been experimenting, so I hope all this will come to fruition at some point.

Another thing, I am doing away with the Daily Sync; "daily" was aiming a bit too high.  My plan is a more continuous feed of stories I like with a splash of editorialism, in other words posting stories as soon as I read them and get a chance to write something up.

For now, I have a couple of generic labels for news stories, and some for my "Launch Center" idea of my anticipated games this year.  I think it'll be cool.  Thanks for checking back in, and click below to see a preview of what these mysterious "segment images" will look like!

I like 'em.  My goal is also to make a more condensed image that will fit in the right side column that will take you to all the relevant posts.

For Xbox 360 news (supposed to look like "X News")

For general video game news

A segment I'd like to begin, discussing faith and games, faith in games, etc.; more editorial.

For Aliens vs. Predator news and updates

For BioShock 2 news and updates

For Final Fantasy XIII news and updates

For Alan Wake news and updates

For Halo: Reach news and updates (a little cheesy sounding, I know)

The Final Fantasy and Alan Wake ones turned out really nice, I think.

I hope to re-enter the news-reporting realm again tomorrow!  Some interesting things are going on ...


  1. I like those banners of yours. By the way I just began listening to the 1UP podcast called 4 guys 1UP. I like it. You might enjoy it.

  2. I think this link works.

    1UP Podcast

  3. Thanks! I'm pretty pleased with the banners myself, so I'm glad someone else likes 'em! Any idea how I can make them clickable links instead of just images? I've tried some free banner websites but it's not working in my favor for some reason ... I'll keep trying though.

    And Hatcher, welcome.