January 21, 2010

The Heritage of Rebellion's Aliens vs. Predator

This missed the cut for yesterday's news just barely.  GameSpot put up an awesome video that essentially compares the 1999 PC breakthrough Aliens vs. Predator to their current iteration, a "more intense, and realistic, and compelling experience" that Rebellion had only "dreamt about being able to do" last decade.  I remember playing that.  I was in England studying abroad one semester in 2004, had my laptop with me, and was bored most of the time I was in my dorm room.  So, I went ahead and purchased a copy to occupy my time, and I'll never forget how freaked out I was as a Marine.  Next month can only be more frightening.

I can't wait!

*after trying to paste the embed code*

Well, I was gonna have the video here, but GameSpot's code isn't working, so here's the link instead!

And check out yesterday's Daily Sync if you missed out on IGN UK's hands-on experience with the highly suspenseful Survivor Mode.

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