January 28, 2010

Gears of War Now and Forever Linked to Lost Planet

Remember that ambiguous "Capcom x Microsoft" piece of news last week?  When the day came and went, the world as we know it became a completely different place!  Perhaps not completely, but in a metaphysical sense, news came out, so our concept of reality has now been altered.  Too much thinking?  Anyway ...

There were a few other announcements, but the one that caught my eye was the announcement that Capcom and Epic are teaming up for Capcom's next sequel, Lost Planet 2, by placing Gears of War leads Marcus Fenix and Dom "what's his face" into some more extreme conditions.  Now, I'm not a comic guy, but I know this type of thing happens all the time in the comic book realm (Aliens vs Predator for one).  Obviously, this could be really interesting in a Kingdom Hearts kind of way, or suffer from a Kingdom Hearts 2, Little Mermaid planet kind of way (and please do NOT search for the remaining parts to the song, please for the love of our Almighty God, please don't).  Capcom apparently sought out Epic, both sides exclaiming that they love each other's work yadda-yadda, but this could be a cool idea.  I didn't play Lost Planet (save for the awesome demo), I don't think this will make me want to try, but it looks cool, and the recognizable Gears COG logo underneath Lost Planet 2 looks nice.  I hope it's not just publicity!

Check out the trailer after the breakity-break!

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