January 29, 2010

MLB 2K10, Million Dollar Arm = Million Dollar Prize

Play sports games much?  How about baseball ones?  If you're good enough at playing fake baseball instead of the real pasttime, you could actually win $1,000,000!

Via Joystiq (et al), 2K Sports is holding a contest with a million dollar prize for the first person to pitch a perfect game on their upcoming release MLB 2K10.  That's not just a no-hitter, my friends, but a perfect game, meaning no one on the other team safely touches first base.

"Piece of cake!  I hit like 17 home runs a game with my jacked-up players set on easy ... so where's my check?!?"

Time out, Sport.  There are couple of regulations here before you take your cuts.

1.)  You must play against the computer (no two controllers, or yer out!) on the "MLB Today" mode; that sets the defaults to even the playing field.

2.)  You must record the entire game and record it to DVD, which will then be reviewed to see if your truly earned it.  No asterix marks here!

The first to round all the "bases" wins.

The contest will last for 60 days beginning March 2nd and running until May 2nd.  Oh, and best of luck because every other console and handheld device will have a copy, so the competition will be fierce.

So make sure you stretch out them thumbs.

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