February 3, 2010

Paradise or Perdition? Rapture Is What You Make It in New BioShock 2 Trailer

Finally, after sitting through a mediocre opening monologue with a handful of lewd jokes and laughter-less bits (thought not all was bad), just minutes ago Late Night with Jimmy Fallon debuted 2K Marin's BioShock 2 Launch Trailer.  And it was good.

The 3.5 minute mini-film begins with a voiceover from Dr. Sophia Lamb, waxing philosophical about the rise and fall of Andrew Ryan's "utopia."  Soon, we shift to following the plight of a Daddy-less Little Sister being chased by a Splicer.  Seemingly cornered, your character, the Delta Big Daddy, rises up to her rescue.  Though choice in "dealing" with the Little Sister is essential to the gameplay narrative, to harvest or to save, for the trailer you adopt the girl and protect her as she leads you to another war-torn atrium; awaiting you are more enemies, a Big Sister, and a Rocky-esque ending, going to black without finishing the battle (which looks like they will be intense).  2K and Jordan Thomas are sticking big with atmosphere and creepy denizens again, highlighted by a moment where your character sees the ghosts of party-goers past.  It was a nice moment that reemphasized the importance of the story and that Rapture itself has depth and character.

Hopefully tomorrow (3 minutes until midnight, so later today probably) someone will have a video I can place here **UPDATE** GameSpot already has ... but I can't embed those stupid videos!!!  Anyway, it was very reminiscent of the very first BioShock trailer back in 2006 (below, care of GameTrailers).

Good trailers will showcase the basic mechanics of what the player will have available, the enemy types, and even an introduction to the story (Left 4 Dead's opening cinematic did this perfectly).  I believe this Jimmy-Fallon-Launch-Trailer ranks up there, though if you've been following the game at any length, nothing new was revealed.

I just can't wait to play it.

Stay tuned as I will compile several more news articles and even some multiplayer previews.


  1. Agreed. It made the fights with the Big Sisters seem really intense.

    5 days, 15 hours by this typing!