February 1, 2010

Alan Wake 2? How About Alan Wake 1 First?

Via ThatVideoGame Blog, CVG had a chat with with Laura Disney, Microsoft's Product Marketing Manager,  about the uniqueness of Remedy's long-awaited IP Alan Wake.  And like any good marketing person, she made sure to say the full name of the game at every opportunity (at least 8 times in the article).

I am excited about this game, obviously.  It's been in development forEVER.  Disney kind of skirts a couple of questions when CVG asks why it's taken so long and the "polished" quality many are expecting from it's years of sleeping.  But, overall, Microsoft is proud of what Remedy has put so much time and effort into.

The best question for me is this:
What in Alan Wake will really blow gamers away?
The time Remedy has spent on Alan Wake is indicative of the final result players can expect to see. The storyline will run as a driving factor throughout the game, creating an atmosphere that captivates the player in a way that many straight-out horror games do not.

Alan Wake will blur the lines between video gaming and television, and play on the strengths of both to create something truly compelling.
And when asked about the future of the character, while DLC has been announced, any plans for a sequel are on a "wait and see" basis.  That's good ... you don't want to jump the gun.

Too Human?  You listening?

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