February 1, 2010

Aliens vs Predator - There's a Whole Lotta Hunting Going On

First, through IGN, the Hunter Edition of Aliens vs. Predator is "flying off the shelves."  I considered it for a bit.  Who doesn't want their own larger-scale Facehugger to pretend to be their pet?  But, tax season and the simple act of having to live like an adult got the better of my conscience and I'll be fine with my normal-edition awesome game.  The set does come with some items for which collectors would explode from the inside out to have for $100.  GameStop has the listing as well as your ability to pre-order before you can't anymore.

Perhaps Rebellion is going to release a lot of trailers until the third Tuesday from now (that's February 16th, it's release date) because, like yesterday's Survivor Mode post, today IGN has a new one that showcases another multiplayer mode, Predator Hunt.  Of the three, Mr. Crab-face is my least favorite, but watching this trailer really illustrates how fast you can travel and how hectic it will be to try and stop him.  Actually looks fun!

It's after the break.

Aliens vs. Predator's Predator Hunt mode

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