February 19, 2010

Site Updates and L.A. Noire a Winner to Me!

Lack of entries, I know.  I guess I forgot what it was like to dive into a game until BioShock 2 came out last week.  All of my time and energy tends to get very focused, as the morning after I finished the game I began my review.  I hope you liked it, if you read it.  I steer clear of spoilers so don't be worried; however, it is my opinion so if you want to tackle the game without any bias it's up to you.

Anyhoo, I'm doing what I can to get back on track with sharing news articles that shimmer like any good pick-up item.  However, with Aliens vs. Predator in my disc tray currently, I'm in another mode of finishing a game and looking forward to writing a review.  And a lot of stuff has been announced/revealed, so have no fear that I haven't been reading up, because I have.  The JASON 3:60 brand of Xbox 360 news reporting will be back in full swing hopefully by next week.

And Breaking News!  I have now mentally concluded that L. A. Noire is going to be a very important game this year, making it one of my officially anticipated and important titles by adding the appropriate button and banner to Noire news articles.  I read my copy of GameInformer and it sounds very, very good and not just GTA in the 1940s.  Thank the Lord.

Keep sticking around for the latest stuff that excites me!

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  1. lets talk about this game some time. I am thinking about purchasing it.