February 5, 2010

Reviews Are In! BioShock 2 Receives a 9.1 from IGN

Surprise, surprise!  I didn't think a review for our beloved BioShock 2 would come out til Monday at the earliest!  I was searching for images through IGN and happened to see a review score posted next to the game, blinked my eyes furiously (because I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night and I could really still be asleep), and became very happy at the sight of such a high number when I realized I was truly awake.


Both IGN US and IGN UK have reviews posted (giving the same score), praising and critiquing the game in slightly different ways, one focusing more on the narrative and the underlying concepts the story raises, the other drawing more from its FPS mechanics and gameplay.  Both reviewers offer a thorough examination of the game's entire components, however, and are both very well written.  And some of the worries about multiplayer have been allayed, thank goodness.  There are a few minor plot spoilers (arrgh! But no twist details or anything), so read thoughtfully.

IGN US:  "Some of the sense of awe and mystery is lost in transition, but the strength of the setting and more interesting implementation of moral choice make for an experience that's more consistent and rewarding."

IGN UK:  "Familiarity breeds a little contempt, but as, simply, a game in which you shoot monsters in city under the sea, it's better in every respect."

Click the links above or watch the IGN US video review embedded after the jump.

And just to let y'all know (however many "y'all" represents), I'm anticipating writing my own review of sorts, so I hope you read it.  I probably won't even post anything for a couple of days beginning this Tuesday until I can finish the game and devote enough time to do it justice.

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