February 1, 2010

"I've got movment in front and behind!" - More Aliens vs. Predator

A Xenomorphic swarm of Aliens vs. Predator tidbits keep coming out of the gosh-dang walls!  This is not so much new information as it is a "dissection" of the multiplayer modes and a Game Night at 1Up tomorrow night (I'm assuming live streaming or something?).  If you're interested, click below, if not I'll understand.  The Predator will probably understand, too.

But I'm pretty sure the Alien is going after you either way.

Unless you're pregnant with a Queen ...

Joystiq reported from the semi-uninventive European SEGA blog, SEGA Europe Blog, a "dissection" of the various multiplayer modes that will be shipped with the game.  Nothing new, except Species Deathmatch.  I would call this the Team Deathmatch of AvP, as the regular Deathmatch sounds like anyone can kill anyone, which leads one to think that Marines, Aliens, and Predators can kill each other if they want.  Not really too true to the franchises, I must say (except for Burke and Weyland; they're pretty much jerks to their own race).

And I can't remember where I heard it, but AvP will not have a points ranking system, but instead skins will be unlocked.  I know I heard that somewhere.  I think ... here?

Next, 1Up is having a Game Night tomorrow at 5pm Pacific Time featuring AvP.  I haven't seen this segment before, so I don't know if it streams live or is prerecorded.  I probably won't watch as I'm the gamer who wants to experience most things for myself (though I'm not averse to "gameplay trailers" because they're not really "live.").

If anyone attends, let me know how it was!

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