February 1, 2010

7 Days Until BioShock 2! 24 Hours Until ... Jimmy Fallon?

That countdown clock at the bottom left of the page is getting smaller and smaller!

7 days, x hours ... 7 days, x-1 hours ... 7 days, x-2 hours ...

I'm trying my best not to expect too much and have low expectations.  That just seems wrong, doesn't it?  But the general course of sequels is either on par or sub par with the original (save for entries like Assassin's Creed II), and I have my fears about the multiplayer element, so I think lowered expectations (sorry for the, uh ... Dutch? ... in the video there) is the way to go.  I feel so dirty saying that; it's just so hard to be as surprising and new as the original.  But I'm still looking forward to my #1 anticipated game of 2010.

And to kick off this final week of waiting, allow me to lead you to a few places around the 'Net that will kindle the flames and flood your soul with that anticipation of diving back to the depths of Rapture.

- GameSpot's BioShock 2 Launch Center

- A lengthy, new interview with Jordan Thomas (Mr. Blazer-Hoodie) at IGN ("BioShock 2: Prepare to Launch).  In it he calls all of us players "partial authors" to the game.  Neat-o!  Also, read on the see what video game construction he claims is "of the devil."

- Also at IGN, the staff recollects their first ventures and experiences within Rapture, what they liked and disliked ("BioShock Revisited")

- G4TV previews the sequel's characters and abilities, talking with the man himself, Jordan Thomas

- Here's a nice video that slipped through my fingers a couple of weeks ago from IGN AU:

- Can't decide if you should purchase the Special Edition?  The Cult of Rapture shows you what it's like

And finally what's Jimmy Fallon got to do with BioShock 2?  TOMORROW EVENING, that's February 2nd, the vocally gamer-friendly celebrity will feature during his showLate Night with Jimmy Fallon, a three minute "launch trailer" during the first commercial break (man, that's getting specific)!  Set your cell phone alarms, everyone!

And be sure to click the BioShock 2 button under the "Specific Content" section on the right side of the page for all things Rapture.

Seven more days.  It's peeking over the horizon ...

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