February 5, 2010

NECA Brings Rapture Two-Steps Closer to Real Life

Via Kotaku, extraordinary sculpting company NECA has crafted "two brand new, game-accurate props born out of the surreal world of BioShock 2," the baseball-head Big Daddy (from the teaser and launch trailers), and a replica EVE Hypo.  Both retail for around $20.

Glancing through their stock of figures, they're pretty stinking amazing.  BioShock 2 creations aren't limited to these new mentions.  Check them out on Amazon for other Big Daddies and Sisters.

Back in the day, I would have been all over having one of these.  It's still tempting ... someday when/if I have a den or home office they might find their way into it.  I'd fill it with those, these, and some of these.

*surfing through the pages again* Man, it's still tempting ...

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