February 3, 2010

Confirmed - Aliens vs. Predator Multiplayer Demo for Feb. 4th

Confirmed, confirmed, confirmed, and confirmed, TOMORROW will release hordes of Aliens and Predators, and battalions of Marines into the gaming universe.  The Aliens vs. Predator demo will arrive on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Steam (PC).

As stated above, it's a multiplayer demo.  I'm a little saddend by "multiplayer demos" because we don't really get to stretch our legs safely with the control scheme before the fray (Halo: Reach will also have a multiplayer demo, but I imagine controlling another Spartan will resemble Master Chief).  At least the playing field will be even for a while.

If we get to choose, I'd like to try the Alien first.  What about you?  Are you even going to download it?

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