February 2, 2010

Aliens vs. Predator Xbox 360 Demo Thursday, and I'm an Aliens Nerd

So, I had a lack of updates today.  Hey, some days I have to work.

But Aliens vs. Predator demo news hatched.  I first learned about it through That VideoGame Blog (who found it through AVP Galaxy) that supposedly it will be available on XBL this Thursday.  When on that day, I'm not sure, but an ad appeared briefly in the Spotlight section of the Xbox dashboard at some point, which gives credence to Tim's words.

Though I'm getting the game anyway, it'll be nice to give the game a test drive, so I hope the rumors are true.

And plus, to further enhance my Alien nerdness, I received in the mail today something I've been waiting for for a week or so that I had to specially order because all this Aliens talk is bringing back some good times.  This was the very first CD I ever bought (not the Deluxe Edition) and somewhere down the line I thought I needed to sell it.  Stupid.  But now I have it back and it's currently seeping through my ears with that distinguishable Aliens vibe, the heroic "Ripley's Rescue," and the amazing "Futile Escape" and "Bishop's Countdown" that really helped define movie music.

Now, if I can only start finding those books again ...

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