February 4, 2010

It's Your Choice ... to Read More BioShock 2 Information

I feel a tad inundated by the influx of BioShock 2 details, but part of me feels a call to share a lot of it.  However, like in the games themselves, choice is a central component in what you read, or don't read.  I only offer the option.  To illustrate, I happen to not read a good portion of the news about BioShock 2 because I want to learn pretty much everything first hand.  Multiplayer dealies I can handle, but anything about the campaign, keep it away from me!  And if you're like me, you'll want to click away (read up about the Aliens vs. Predator multiplayer demo and my first reaction if you want.).  For everyone else, feel free to continue by clicking below!  I haven't read/watched any of them, so ... sorry if it's no good!

MTV Multiplayer was given an "exclusive" listing of all the Plasmids and Tonics.  Quickly glancing at it, it looks like the listing shows how each upgrade changes each's function.

IGN gives us "BioShock 2 Weapons Showcase" (below), and the written equivalent.

Lastly, if you want a quick rundown of the story so far in BioShock 2, GameSpot has a video just for you:  The "BioShock 2 Comprehensive Preview"

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